• To post a message to the listserv, send an email addressed to
  • To respond to the entire listserv, please click “reply.”
  • If you wish to reply privately to the person sending the email,┬ádelete “” from the “from” field and enter the intended recipient’s email address.

iKiawah is not responsible for dropped posts and is unable to respond to maintenance-type issues. Accessing the Internet involves variables too numerous for InsideKiawah to investigate, such as specs of your Internet service providers ( e.g. AOL), the settings for email on your personal computer, etc.

Changes that Internet service providers (ISP’s) or email providers introduce for stronger spam filtering can impact one’s ability to post or receive posts. Some email providers have tighter filters than others. Gmail tends to be the most compatible with listservs, but even it can have tech issues. If you find that posts or other messages from iKiawah are not being received, the most common reason is that the ISP or email provider is blocking posts from lesser-known domains (e.g. More information on how to correct this problem can be found by Googling (for example) “whitelisting email on AOL” (or substitute the name of your ISP/email provider). In this case, you will be seeking to “whitelist” the domains or . (The term “whitelist” is tech-speak for the opposite of “blacklist”.)

If you set up a new email address on the list, remember to unsubscribe the old one to avoid multiple copies of the same post. (Contact the administrator to do so.) If you mark any post from iKiawah as Spam, consciously or otherwise, you will not be able to receive future posts from the iKiawah listserv.

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