1. Subscribers to iKiawah must be current Kiawah Island property owners.
  2. All posts to iKiawah must include the name and address of the individual posting.
  3. Always use the subject line when posting. Change the subject line when introducing a new topic.
  4. For a direct reply, include your email address with a request that members contact you directly.
  5. Posts pertaining to referrals, real estate, cars and furnishings for sale, announcements of community events and opinion pieces are welcome. Incidental mention of personal or family businesses is allowed, but overly detailed and repetitive postings of a commercial nature are prohibited.
  6. When posting referrals, please list contact information, if possible.
  7. Use discretion when in conversation with our neighbors or when discussing service providers, etc. Information you post may be subject to libel, defamation, antitrust, privacy and all other laws.
  8. Be nice. Malicious, defamatory and other inappropriate content is prohibited. Language and/or rhetoric commonly accepted as foul or offensive will not be tolerated and any individual engaging in such will lose the privilege of posting and receiving iKiawah messages.
  9. Be advised; you are solely responsible for any commentary or information you post and you shall hold iKiawah harmless for your postings.
  10. Posting on this listserv does not imply endorsement of the contents of the posts by iKiawah.
  11. The sharing of positive experiences and posts that speak to how fortunate we all are to call Kiawah home are encouraged.
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