Welcome to Inside Kiawah, (iKiawah) a Kiawah Island property owner listserv about all things Kiawah. iKiawah provides a platform for open, timely discussions of any and all topics that effect life and ownership on Kiawah.

The only posting restrictions pertain to manners and decency. Few Kiawah residents require a tutorial on what that means.

iKiawah is a one-stop site for sharing information, posting notices of social, religious, cultural, charitable and political events, sharing referrals and engaging in discussion with others about all things related to life on this wonderful Island.

You can request a helping hand, seek and offer referrals for trades people, babysitters, restaurants, etc., list items for sale—including cars, a house or condo, open discussion about Town of Kiawah and Community Association endeavors, elections, expenditures. You can even rally neighbors to help build a Habitat house or join a neighborhood party. Whatever your need, interest, concern or question, a post to iKiawah will find neighbors willing to support and engage!

All questions and points of view are welcome, civil discussion on issues and news of interest to the Kiawah community is encouraged. When discussion involves political issues we will not all agree, but sharing differing opinions educates us all and is vital to a healthy community.

As a member platform, this listserv does not replace the various communications provided by Island entities. We encourage members to stay informed through the various communications methods offered by KICA, the town, the developer, and others.

iKiawah is YOUR list and posts will reflect the interest and concerns of the membership. Welcome aboard!

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